The spyware virus is a computer virus, equivalent to a disease, that affects the Mechas and other types of machines.

Origins Edit

Created by the Rüstov, the aliens sent a broadcast of it to find new planets to colonize. The first known person afflicted by this was Silico, the deceased Circleman of Machina. Through the virus, the Rüstov discovered the Imagine Nation, and taking advantage of Silico's position as a leader, were able to lower the defenses of the country, which provided for the First Rüstov Invasion.

Characteristics Edit

The spyware virus practically shows no symptoms. In order to know whether a Mecha or machine is infected, it must be controlled remotely by a Rüstov. More visibly in a Mecha, when under the control of the virus, they can't move and can only do so under the command of a or the Rüstov. Additionally, it provides sight and hearing to a Rüstov managing the virus.

Infections and the Infected Edit

Silico, Circleman of Machina Edit

The first to be known to be infected was Silico. Initally, no one knew the reason for him betraying the country, and no one really cared. When Smart found him out, he simply dismantled him. Twelve years later, through Jazen, Jack discovers the truth of why the Great Collaborator revealed the Imagine Nation to the Rüstov.

Jazen Knight Edit

Jazen is the second infected to be directly mentioned. Smart accidentally had discovered the virus, though didn't see it in that manner. Unlike Silico, however, Jazen was able to fight the virus to save Jack, which caused his death.

Virtua and the Mechas Edit

When the Rüstov upgraded the virus to infect, not just the Mechas, but other machines as well, they broadcast it through the SmarterNet, unbeknownst to Smart. To keep the Mechas from going into a rampage through Empire City, Virtua disconnected the androids, and herself, to prevent further destruction and asked for an EMP if the situation called for it.

Cure Edit

A collaboration between Jack and Trea, the cure came to be known as the cure code. As a computer virus, both investigated from Jazen's remains of the virus in him and developed a code, in a chip, to be installed into any infected Mecha or machine. The code can also turn aerial by a broadcast.

Appearances Edit